WDP in the air with Christmas calendar: We do not use big data, we use small secrets

By December, Tuborg is launching his kiss universe with a Christmas calendar. The 24 sections are shown on BT because here they can come wide to the Danes and make the sections as short or long as they want. Because it’s not about segmentation, audiences or second lengths says the creative director of Partners Henrik Juul, whose alternative collaboration with BT puts media agencies on the bench for a while.

“You should burn the CBS down to the ground and build a playground. Just completely symbolic, let’s see what’s happening. “

It is November, and Christmas celebrations have not yet been lowered by Henrik Juul, creative director of Wibroe, Duckert & Partners. Even though he has both got the first Christmas break of the year, he has been half the office of J-day trucks around the city and been wished ‘Merry Christmas and Good Tub’år’.

Trailer for Tuborg’s new Christmas calendar.

He is annoying the wrong use of data which, according to him, destroys advertising. There is never surprising data, and we can as well make robots to make robotic communication, as he says.

For the last 31 years, he has been on one side of a 45-year long partnership between Tuborg and Partners, which has resulted in successes on the line. And this time, 24 sections from Tuborg’s warehouse are waiting to be posted online at BT and into the hearts of Danes.Henrik Juul on the set.

Who is Poulsen’s father?
The poke on the Christmas calendar is very short: Poulsen’s mother is dead and he has no place to celebrate Christmas. And then he thinks he can have Christmas with his colleague. She is not particularly interested in her so she is keen to find his father. So there are 24 sections that are about finding out: Who is Poulsen’s father? And we’re getting well around, reveals Henrik Juul.

Tuborg is visually in the center all the time, just like in the current commercials, but neither does the beer have the main role in the Christmas calendar. The two films of the commercials, played by Martin Høgsted and Sara Klein, play the main roles in Tuborg’s new Christmas calendar.

“We think the actors are amazing, we think the humor is fat, the story is super. But we do not think Tuborg is fat, “says Henrik Juul, explaining that of course they may like the product, but Tuborg’s style is not overbearing. He always works with the characters to be more interesting than the product. This also applies to Polle from Snave, Kaj and Bøje, Chip King Jørgen, Havenisserne, Boxing Glove Føtæsk and Father to 14 as Partners all stand behind.

Polle from Snave is an example that the characters in Partners’ commercials should always be more interesting than the product.

At Partners, they have replaced all CBS with classical dramaturgy, “says Henrik Juul.

“You can draw some characters that are clichéic, where one, for example, thinks he or she is wiser than the other. But in reality, he is not. It’s completely classical, whether it’s Olsen Banden or Gøg on Gokke or back from the dramaturg’s childhood in ancient Greece. “

We lack media

Common to Partners’ successes is that they have never stayed within the industry. Henrik Juul finds it difficult that today’s analytical second-hand buyer buys the frame before buying the art. If the image does not fit, it must be cut, the frame cannot be changed.

“When I’m up to media agencies or TV stations, they come with reports and numbers in a gone pre-analyzed and claiming that it’s most effective at 6, 20 or 30 seconds. But it is strange that the only thing our rewarded output has never done is to make use of 20 and 30-second films. ”

In the ’60s, they made long instructional commercials with, among others, Dirch Passer.

According to Henrik Juul, the golden age of Danish commercials is the golden age of the 50s and 60s with long instructional films, which used the talented actors known to people from film and theater.

The length again became a problem when Henrik Juul was to find a place to show this year’s Christmas calendar, whose section ranges from anywhere from 2 to 4 minutes.

“Yes, we can not put them in the commercial block, so we do not even get the first one before all our money is spent. Nor should we put them in editorial form, because Tuborg is standing on the capsule. The movies are too long for Facebook, which in addition runs silently for most people. So what the hell are you doing? “

Creative Director Henrik Juul and Instructor Simon Bonde.

The solution became BT because here are the Danes.

“It’s a bit like Super Bowl or Wild with the Dance or Bathing Hotel. Where there are many people, we would like to be. And BT.dk is a place where there are many people. “

“And then it’s amazing to be able to work in this way that we will not deliver a fixed format.”

A good idea

Henrik Juul thinks it’s crazy that good ideas are broken just because they have to fit into a rigid system. The problem of communicating data is not data, but the reason: You try to make sure you do something wrong, but completely eliminates the possibility of doing something good. And then you lose your distinctive character as the data is accessible to everyone.

“If it meant me, there was greater respect for the fact that its actual ideas that made this country rich,” says Henrik Juul. This year, Marketing Manager in Tuborg, Christian Sveigaard, came up with a new good idea. A Christmas calendar.

However, the idea of a Christmas calendar in Tuborg and Partners cooperation is not entirely new. In the days, Henrik Juul created “Finn and Jacob” for Tuborg Squash’s first TV commercial movie, and in 1992 it became a radio calendar. Find snows into Jacob’s grocery store, and the two characters go up and down for 24 days and speak nonsense about what a bicycle lamp is called in Dutch, says Henrik Juul.

In 1992 Wibroe, Duckert & Partners launched a radio Christmas calendar for Tuborg Squash with Finn and Jacob in the lead.

On some radio stations, it ran for 5-10 years in a row, and Henrik Juul has just received a request from a radio channel that will send it this year if Finn and Jacob say yes.

“In 922, it was fun because Finn and Jacob were. And the new Christmas calendar will be fun because it’s Martin Høgsted and Sara Klein, “emphasizes Henrik Juul.

The secret is found in Føtex

As a creative director in Partners, Henrik Juul’s task is to solve problems with good ideas. And the solution is almost always in the real world, as he usually says:

“Matrix, that’s good, but Føtex, it’s better. Because all the zeros and the numbers have been transformed into real people, so you can go out and get verified all that’s in data plus what’s not in data. All that is in between, all that’s life, it’s in reality. “

So if you think, like media agencies, TV stations, and DJØFs, you can find the recipe for tomorrow’s data from yesterday, you’re completely wrong, says Henrik Juul and stresses that Tuborg has never done it’s a try to “figure it out”.In 1990, J-Day was celebrated for the first time.

And just as Tuborg’s rolling Christmas card for the first time wanted the Danes “Good Tub’år”, the new Christmas calendar also builds on a simple idea that speaks to people’s hearts.

“So I say hi, here we do not use big data, we use small secrets.”