Spermüll im Baucontianer

Is your home overly cluttered? Perhaps you have way more stuff lying around than you would like, but what should you do to tackle it?

First things first: carve out some time in your schedule to improve it. It’s not going to clean itself up (although that’d be great), so you’re going to have to put aside the time where you can actually be there to make that effort.

Today we’re talking about decluttering, and how you can optimally organize your home. Start to see the improvement and feel freed up to tackle other projects too.

Decluttering and Organizing Your Home

Identify the Problem

Okay, your home could be cleaner. Now what do you do? Identifying the problem areas of your home will help you know what you want to tackle and also figure out what you need to do on a room by room basis. Figuring out what the key areas of your house are that you will focus on will free you up to start preparing to actually tackle them (otherwise known as the fun part).

Is Your Clutter Large Scale or Small Scale?

Do you have a bunch of chairs you need to get rid of and some other furniture too? Is your clutter mostly spare dishes you don’t really use, a lack of organizing techniques or application, or random papers? Figuring out whether you need to declutter on a massive scale may determine what type of materials and/or services you need, such as a garbage bin rental or having your recycling can ready to be picked up for Calgary recycling.

Get Your Products and Cleaning Tools Ready

The first step to decluttering is tackling it. You can sort it as you go or after you’ve moved everything, and that’s what we’d recommend if you’re a newcomer to the process. Taking everything off of a surface lets you easily clean it, and after you can intentionally place things back or else throw them into your garbage bin rental, trash, or Calgary recycling bin, or just set it aside to donate to your local second hand goods store.

You may want to be sure that you have some trash bags on hand where you can easily toss items you are not going to be using. Make sure you also have cleaning supplies as you don’t want to declutter only to find that the surfaces are horrid underneath. Cleaning the area is the best thing that you can do if you want to buy some time before sorting through everything you move, too. Be sure to order a garbage bin rental if you are going to be tossing an exorbitant amount of things out.

Sort Through It and Minimize

Cut through the clutter and see what you can save. Sorting through what you have will help you see what you need to hold onto and what you don’t need to save. You’ll feel like you have more space instead of the walls and all of your clutter closing in on you like some chaotic structural clutter monster. Minimize! Take what you can out. If there’s a reason and a home for it and it matters, keep it. If you can’t decide, put it into a maybe pile. Consider having a tag sale so that you don’t lose out on what you paid for some items.


You reduced your clutter with this plan! It’s not so difficult to declutter after all! Celebrate your victory over clutter however you see fit.