Emergency vehicles are authorized by government to respond to emergencies or life-threatening situations. These vehicles are commonly operated by the police, fire and medical personnel. Police vehicles in particular need to be fitted with special equipment to help the police carry out speed enforcement in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Due to the limited number of police officers available to patrol the highways, these speed detection devices in emergency vehicles help to reduce the number of accidents caused by speeding. Here is a brief description of various types patrol vehicle equipment used for speed enforcement in Edmonton.

VASCAR stands for Visual Average Speed Computer and Recorder. It is a device that calculates the speed of moving vehicles. Police officers who need to carry out speed enforcement in Edmonton may use them, especially when they want to avoid detection by motorists using radar detectors. The unit combines a simple computer with a stopwatch. The operator uses the device to record the time that a car passes two white spots on the road, which are at a fixed distance apart. Then using the mean value theorem, the operator can determine the car’s speed. VASCAR may be used for either moving or stationary emergency vehicles.

ANPR stands for automatic number plate recognition. This system makes use of optical character recognition on images to detect and read registration plates on moving vehicles. It can work with various established technologies like road rule enforcement cameras and closed circuit television. The police also use ANPR in moving or stationary patrol vehicles to check if a car is duly registered or licensed. ANPR cameras can store pictures and text from number plates and some are sophisticated enough to store images of the driver.

3 Radar Speed Gun
This is a device that measures the speed of moving vehicles. It may be vehicle mounted, hand-held, or static. It calculates the speed of the vehicle that it is pointed at by detecting changes in the frequency of the radar signal based on the Doppler effect. The Doppler effect provides an increase in the proportion to vehicle’s speed of approach when it is approaching and it is lowered when the vehicle is receding.

4 LIDAR Speed Gun
Lidar is an acronym for light detection and ranging or simply light and radar. Lidar speed guns are used by police officers as a hand-held speed detection device but they can also be attached to emergency vehicles and operated with a remote control device. The most recent devices are specially designed to automate speed detection, driver identification, vehicle identification and documentation of court ready evidence. Lidar’s narrow beam targets a single vehicle effectively, thus eliminating the need for manual visual estimation and it can take the picture of the license plate at the time it is recording the speed limit violation.

These kinds of speed detection equipment are important tools for emergency vehicles used by the police for speed enforcement in Edmonton. They can be connected to automatic ticketing systems to automate the process of prosecuting offenders for speed limit regulations. For more information on how to choose the most suitable speed detection device, contact a reputable emergency vehicle equipment supplier.